Re-Emergence Therapy


Therapist:- Martin Crees-Morris - NSW, Australia
'RET in my Practice'

Re-Emergence Therapy is a key component of my therapeutic process as a clinical hypnotherapist and psychotherapist.  I was fortunate to have a RET session with Pauline when she was visiting Sydney in 2008. The session had an immediate and powerful impact in terms of the insights it delivered. The whole experience persuaded me to travel to New Zealand and train as a RET therapist.

As a therapist the appeal of RET lies in its intuitive and energetic subtlety and also in its flexibility which allows the therapist to flow with the client and enable them to get the full benefit from the process and to fully experience this life-changing alchemy.

RET therapy has the capacity to evolve with the therapist; indeed it pushes the practitioners development. As this evolution advances Pauline is always there to mentor and support with her own experience and from her own deep connection with RET as a living therapy.

My experience with RET has always been positive. It has produced some of the most dramatic outcomes for clients in terms of completely unhooking them from the burdens of the past or propelling them forward into completely new lives. Clients have dropped toxic relationships, changed careers, discovered their life purpose or moved interstate within a few weeks of their RET sessions.

So if you are thinking about becoming a RET therapist, my advice would be to book a session with Pauline and to experience the process. You do not need to have any particular issues to work on as RET will deliver what you need – be it uncovering areas to be looked at or the delivery of information to help you on your journey. Pauline is a great therapist, friend and teacher.

Therapist:- Anita Moleta - Pukekohe, South Auckland, New Zealand

I am trained in an eclectic form of counselling, and have a post graduate Diploma in Counselling from Massey University. The main modalities that I use are NLP with Hypnotherapy, (I have a practitioners certificate in NLP and a Meta States Cert.), TA, Rogerian, Psychodynamic and REBT/CBT/DBT. (I also have a certificate in REBT).

I have been counselling for 20 years, mainly in my own practice. I am also registered as a counsellor with ACC.

I did not start out as a counsellor until I had the added tools of NLP. This has helped in making impactful changes in a person’s life.

Since learning Pauline’s programme, my therapy practise is even more empowering for change. I have also learnt that it is important to get the timing right. A client needs to be listened to, as often you as therapist are the first person they have told their story to. They also need to be believed and validated. Once they have had that opportunity they are then ready for other therapeutic strategies. I have found that paving the way with NLP techniques such as collapse anchors, and Time Line, a client is then ready for ‘The Programme’.

The programme has given me a greater feeling of integration. It has also addressed issues in my life where I was stuck and repeating sabotaging patterns.

It has given me a very powerful tool to be used at the appropriate time with my highly traumatised clients. e.g. after working for about 5 years (off and on) with a deeply traumatised client who couldn’t let the past go, on using the programme with her, she was fully able to let it go, to forgive the perpetrator, and begin living in the present, looking toward the future. She ended therapy following The Programme, feeling more together and grounded, less anxious, and more confident in herself. Further feedback has reported that these feelings have stayed.

Other clients have reported feeling more peaceful and ‘together’, ready to address deeper and specific issues.

Pauline is an amazing woman. She is very intuitive, sensitive and remarkable in her insight. She has a very special gift and the programme she has developed is unique. For those who are lucky enough to be trained in her programme, they will be offering to their clients a powerful healing process and their therapy will be revolutionised. I highly value this training and this therapeutic programme. I feel really honoured to have learnt it and to be able to use it in my practice.

Therapist:- Barbara C Clegg nee Belger, North Canterbury, New Zealand
Intl NLP Master Coach (ICF, IN, NZANLP, ICI)

With a life-long passion for people as a ‘system’, in my work with clients here and overseas, I apply techniques and methodologies from areas like Ericksonian & Cognitive Hypnotherapy, TimeLine™, Quantum Touch, EFT, BodyTalk Access™, Neuro Linguistic Programming and Coaching.

I trained with Pauline as a RET therapist in 2008. RET has further increased my clients’ choice to raise their level of awareness and higher consciousness and it does so by appealing to people as a holistic totality.

To witness how people re-awaken to their true purpose in life, easily let go of old belief systems, pains, traumas and move forward on their journey, with ease and confidence, is most of the time quite astounding. This is what RET does. RET allows people to re-emerge, by clearing the past and aligning with their true inner self. Up to this day I have been applying this ‘wonderful gift to humanity’.

RET can be applied to work with clients who present with issues like anxiety, panic attacks, hayfever/allergies, spiritual emergency, low self-esteem and lack of confidence, depression, overload or burn out and general lack of direction in life.

Pauline’s training is fascinating and she herself has my endless respect and admiration as a therapist, trainer, consultant, advisor and friend.

Client:- Mark F. , New Zealand

I came to Pauline in a state of acute helplessness, my life’s experiences through childhood and subsequent hurtful marriage all boiling over and leaving my life in absolute paralysis.

I had experienced an awful two years of trying to access some sort of treatment via the Auckland mental health (public) system, only fully realising after 2 years of desperate attempts with them that the more you required proper counselling and treatment, the more harmful to you they could be. I felt convinced at this stage that for me there was no path out of this complete darkness, leaving my days so riddled with anxiety and depression that I was confined to my room, suffering a panic attack even to walk down the hallway to the toilet. I was suffering many physiological symptoms as a result of this ongoing and relentless anxiety/depression, the most predominant of which was acute pains in my stomach and abdomen area and a feeling of extreme fatigue in my body from the onslaught of adrenaline, constantly pumping through me as I lived in fight or flight mode; my body was literally under attack. At this time I was contemplating suicide on a daily basis, very much fantasising about the relief that ending my walk on this earth would bring to my aching spirit.

When you have come from such a horrible place, it’s very hard to articulate in words that seem appropriate my experience of Pauline. I do not profess to have understanding beyond the idea of her methodology, nor will I try to explain it other than what I experienced as a client. Many people who are damaged require such individualised attention in order to make true progress, “off the shelf” process will not work in many cases; Pauline is one of those that truly understand this. Her very multi-dimension method of psychiatry, body talk and hypnosis has profoundly affected me in a positive way. I am not saying I walked into her office in the condition described above and walked out 100% cured, but in 3 visits and a lot of effort, I have come from the state above mentioned to now having just started a degree at university.

What Pauline did in working with me on those 3 visits was to remove the massive pains in my stomach and abdomen and help rewire parts of me to help me see possibility in myself and my life where previously I could see only darkness; Pauline helped me see the possibility of a future that looked better than I would have ever thought possible. With continued hard work, I am making steps in that positive direction now. All that... only 3 visits with this amazingly insightful, special and unique practitioner; if you find yourself lucky enough to even have heard of Pauline Kam, lucky enough to be pondering whether to access her for help, I believe you have just found your very best chance at a new beginning. I speak of a scenario that is very much high on the spectrum of human damage; but where ever you find yourself in this spectrum of human difficulty and pain, have a little smile inside as you hold up Pauline’s card and phone her now!

While I am still challenging very much some extremely hard wired negativity, bashed into me from childhood, I am indeed challenging them and feel now I am making progress into the light more and more. I still have days where it seems all too much, but I know it’s because I am meeting head on these stubborn old belief patterns.

The difference now is I actually feel like I am pushing through in the right way and the future possibilities seem almost too scarily good to consider!! (But I bloody well am considering them☺)

Client:- Emma M. - New Zealand

“If I could keep Pauline, I would. Put her into the handbag!

The outcome of my time and therapy with Pauline has enabled me to become free from old and tired patterns and situations in my life.

I am eternally grateful for Pauline enabling me to move forward. Pauline, you gave me insight into the struggle of growth and identified with / and understood my personal struggle. I did not understand what was happening until you told me and that has enabled me to accept where I am / was / will be at.

I feel grounded now. I am more capable than ever.

I am happy with where I am in life. I am able to manage my relationships and career and family better.

I understand and accept myself now. I am content with who I am and my roles in life. I am excited to be me again. I cannot begin to thank you enough.”

 Client:- S.G. , New Zealand

“I went to Pauline for treatment for a few problems I was having in my life. My main concern was my addiction to P.

I felt I had no control over my life anymore and was desperate to find a solution. I had been carrying around a lot of emotional baggage and felt very lost.

We got straight on to my issues the first appointment I attended. We covered everything needed and some. I’ve learnt so much from Pauline about myself and understand so much more. My life has done a complete 360. I saw and felt positive changes in myself immediately.

I am not only cured from my addiction but I have no desire to ever return to that way of life again. I now feel alive and fulfilled. I’m happy and back in love and smile so much more.

My first impression of Pauline was fantastic. I felt very comfortable and at ease with her. She made me feel very relaxed and I also felt a strong feeling of trust. Pauline’s office became a safe place to go, I always looked forward to appointments. Pauline has a very gentle and kind way about doing things.

I never thought for one moment that I would only need five appointments. This treatment works really fast its incredible.

Pauline always had a very professional approach towards me. I felt respected at all times and I found it very easy to talk to Pauline. Because of the issues I brought up, I never once felt she was judgemental.

I went into my sessions with a positive attitude everytime and always came out smiling. Pauline has a calm and gentle approach in therapy. I never felt any pressure and always enjoyed my sessions.

I would without doubt refer anyone to Pauline. I believe in this therapy, I am proof. It really works. I would not hesitate. I think the treatment was very good value for money.

The part I like most is the time frame. I have come so far in such a little time. 5 appointments to be exact. Pauline helps you understand and have a more open mind. I would rate Pauline’s practise as a 10 out of 10. I appreciate everything Pauline did to help me. I felt truly blessed to have had treatment with her.

Fate led me to find Pauline’s advert in my local newspaper. It has changed my life for the best. I now know I can move forward in my life towards a happier more rewarding future.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.”

(Update email received 19 months later)
During this time, both husband and wife had life threatening health conditions that brought about a lot of challenges. Despite the scares and pains … here is what she has to share.

“… Well where do I begin. First off, we have been clean now for 19 months (not bad don’t you think), both happy and well. … I have come a long way and feel stronger, and have learnt so much about myself and what really makes me tick. I’m much more in control. I will never forget what you did to help me through one of the worst time of my life. Thank you Pauline once again. Forever grateful.”