Re-Emergence Therapy

Course Outline

This course gives skills required to utilise the Re-Emergence: Power of Change process in a therapeutic setting. A very intensive course, run over 3 days, the programme has been time-framed to maximise the utilisation of the total experience of the process.

Objectives: Professionally and Personally

At the end of this course, each therapist will have a clear understanding of how to facilitate the “Re-Emergence” for a client in a therapeutic environment.

Each participant will have experienced the process of Re-Emergence, by the end of the 3 day programme. This will promote a personal understanding of the process and allow individuals to experience the full integration of this understanding that can then be transferred into the work environment.

Graduates will develop a sound understanding of how the psyche operates especially through the process of change.


Participants are expected to have a sound understanding of basic counselling skills prior to entry into this course. A minimum of 12 months professional experience is required.

Investment package includes:

• All materials needed for the effective application of RET including manual, CDs and copies of documents etc.
• On-going support for graduates.

Highlights of some Topics covered:

1. Re-Emergence
• Re-Emergence as a therapy. What is it? How is it different from other therapies?
• Its applications in life. How it all works?
• Skills and responsibilities required to facilitate Re-Emergence.
• When to apply Re-Emergence? Who will benefit from Re-Emergence?

2. The Free Zone of Consciousness
• What is the Free Zone?
• How to get there?
• Difference between Free Zone and Trance

3. Language of Consciousness
• What is the language of consciousness?
• How does it work?
• How to tap into this space?
• Re-ignite your ability to read and communicate using this language.
• Level of connection with consciousness.

4. Beyond the Iceberg Theory
• While The Iceberg Theory has been used to describe the 10% conscious and 90% subconscious, there is a lot more to this than is commonly understood.
• The general knowledge held about The Iceberg Theory is only the tip of the iceberg because when change is happening, the power of change takes consciousness into a different form. You will discover new information about how consciousness functions differently especially in the process of change.

Additional notes:

The above list of highlights only provide a glimpse of the learning gained throughout the intensive 3 day programme. Each participant will learn to view clients and issues through the eyes of consciousness, while at the same time providing theoretical foundations and understandings. It is important to note that the successful participant will graduate with practical knowledge and skills that goes beyond common therapeutic practices.