Re-Emergence Therapy

What is Re-Emergence?

 Re-Emergence is a bridge between spiritual awareness and human development towards ‘life’ consciousness. It integrates the left brain and right brain functions with an understanding that everyone has a need for both to exist at the same time. Life works well when we can apply both the conscious and subconscious together. However, life experiences seems to condition people to favour one over the other more often than not.

Re-Emergence is about awareness of the self and the environment ... a way of life truth that is gentle, simple and accepting. Re-emergence aims to ignite the consciousness that affects the soul in natural ways to shift one's ability into living life's truth, unconditional love and universal respect.

A natural process that opens doorways and possibilities, Re-Emergence enables the person to become aware of the possibilities and therefore allows the person to move forward towards change purposefully.

The foundations of Re-Emergence is simple. So simple that many people have wondered why it was not taught at schools. It brings the realities of life into awareness and with that freedom is possible.

Change happens whether we are aware of it or not. So instead of fighting the change, we can flow with it ... whilst making the best of it.

With re-emergence, change can happen on one or all levels. It deals with the levels that is most required for the client. Some have shifts in consciousness, others make tremendous progress in their career or witness improvements in physical symptoms and most develop clarity of mind with emotional balance.

Impact of today's lifestyle

Through the generations, people have lived in either of the two extremes, the left brain or right brain. Most have found it difficult to find a mutual ground on which both could co-exist for the self. Therefore, many have strayed into the conditionings of life and its lessons or stood out despite it.

The Industrial revolution, depression, baby boom, hippy, new age and information technology eras all marked significant milestones of life consciousness. All these changes occurred as part of life and has affected the generations that now thrives in its social standing.

With the increase on available resources ie books, movies, documentaries, research, science, quantum physics and personal development services, more and more people are opening up to new awareness and are ready to receive and integrate a wealth of insightful information into daily living.

Authors and public figures like Deepak Chopra, Jack Cranfield, Eckhart Tolle,Dr Joe Dispenza, Krishnamurti, Oprah and Maharaji, to name a few, has played key roles to help raise human consciousness today. In fact, there are so many options on offer now that many people flock to grasp and implement the array of principles available to them. Sometimes, each becomes so contradictory to the other because when one jumps from one modality to the other, this is inevitable. People then find themselves throwing their hands up in the air with a resolve to avoid the shifts completely no matter how many others thrive.

The trend that arose out of ‘The Secret’ alone brought about an increase of interest in the subject of personal development as a complete personality - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Many people began to move forward into productive living. On the other hand, there were also many of the general public who has mistakenly perceived the concepts held within the foundations of ‘The Secret’ to be one of ‘Positive Thinking’.

Some people tried to implement what they believe to be the Laws of the Universe with this mindframe, and found that the more they applied it, the worse things got for them. It was not surprising then that so many people I have met, want nothing to do with ‘The Secret’ because they themselves or someone they know has applied these principles and rather than achieving the outcomes desired, they have had unexplainable setback after setback.

In addition to that, ‘The Secret’ brought about the sudden blooming of self development organisations reflected the demands. However, as is natural these were based on the organisations' or practitioner's understanding about the amazing ‘Laws of Life’ and ‘Laws of the Universe’.

The principles of Re-Emergence is simple and direct. It aims at the core of human personality, separate from the impact or influence of society. Its focus is on the individual – to assist the individual to regain grounding and balance in its natural innate identity.