Re-Emergence Therapy


Re-Emergence™ Therapy Training for Professional Practitioners

Auckland, New Zealand (11th – 13th March 2010)
Sydney, Australia (2010 August/September dates to be confirmed)

The True Essence Re-Emergence Therapy training is an intensive interactive 3 day programme for professional therapists in the field of hypnotherapy, counselling and psychotherapy.

Re-Emergence Therapy is a unique and powerful process which produces amazing transformations in clients within a minimal timeframe by accessing the terrain of Life Consciousness to release blockages and to bring the blueprint of their being back into its natural balance.

Using the subtle language of Life Consciousness, this communication helps return the client to a harmonious and constructive state of being. More importantly, the practitioner will learn to access the Free Zone of Life Consciousness to unblock limitations and release unnecessary life patterns.

This course is designed to give practitioners the foundational skills to incorporate Re-Emergence Therapy into their practice. This will be achieved through direct experience of this process in an interactive programme.